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So, who is behind Danny Higgins Photography? As a parent, headteacher or Nursery owner, you'll want to ensure this ‘Danny’ is someone you can trust to produce stunning photographs whilst ensuring the safety and happiness of your children (and staff too!)

I’m Danny. A photographer for over 30 years, although professional for fewer whilst the runup to starting my photography business was spent working for others in a Corporate marketing career, all the while enjoying photography as a way to unwind and unleash my creative side (along with a bit of guitar strumming in my limited spare time). At my wedding, my best man described me as having ‘an excess of personality’, which I like to think means I like to have fun and create great relationships with those I meet....

My wife, on the other hand, says I'm just a big kid - with that I have to agree.

I've been fortunate to surround myself with talented photographers who are also young at heart. Between us channelling our inner 5-year-olds we make every photo session great fun and aim to capture beautiful memories. But we can be relied upon to handle photographing hundreds of children at a schools photography session professionally, and make the lives of schools so much easier with a streamlined ordering service, and great marketing solutions too.

My customers’ feedback tells me whether we’ve hit their expectations, and often they’re exceeded.

"The overall quality of the image(s) is the best I’ve seen to date, the photographer must be quite talented as they have managed to capture some lovely expressions on the children that make the pictures quite special" Pre-School client

  “Really, Really, Really pleased with my pictures, they are fantastic!! In fact when I looked at the photo of Alex and May together it made me teary! thank you so much Danny you have captured their characters just right” Family photography customer

  "Lovely photo's my daughter is only 2 and a half but she loved having her photo taken because the man had a peppa pig and a monkey. Best photos we have had taken of her and would use this gentleman again." Toddler group parent


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