Increasingly, children's clubs and groups have been asking for great professional photographs for their children.

With kids more engaged whilst enjoying their sport or hobby than at any other time, it's the perfect moment for some very special portraits and action photographs that can really capture their personality. Meanwhile, your club or group can earn commission to help fund your activities.

Our approach to photographing your group is entirely bespoke, depending on your activity and the ages of the children. However we've come up with some innovative solutions to suit most sports and hobbies which we can complete during your regular meetings or as a special event:

  • Contemporary sport studio portraits for your club - a refreshing alternative to the standard tournament photos
  • Action photos of onstage performances
  • Greenscreen backgrounds to put your kids at the centre of the action
  • Group photos that put each child as the star performer
  • Innovative group photos that break the mould of the traditional kneel-and-grin style


Fundraising opportunities, and marketing and promotion solutions...

Our photography and marketing solutions are innovative and creative. With years of experience of Brand marketing and promotional solutions, we can help to show off your club to it's best, whilst our experience with photographing many different sports and performances ensures fantastic quality photography for your members too. Intruiged? Give us a call to talk about how we can help raise the bar for your club today.

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  Sports Clubs and Teams

With modern, exciting individual and team portrait photographs of your players, why not consider us to create great displays for your clubhouse, or create great photos for parents to purchase, and raise funds for your club in the process!


  Theatre and Dance Groups

With thrilling studio portraits and brilliant photos of your performances, we can offer a superb addition for your members. Offer photographs to parents for fundraising, or create buzz with images for your website and marketing.


  Riding Clubs

Invite us to your Riding Club to take fantastic photos of your members in action. We've heaps of experience photographing equestrian events from local club meets to National competitions too. 


  Other Clubs and Groups

Whatever your club - whether Scouts and Guides, Choirs, Orchestras, Sailing or multiple holiday activities, we're on hand to take great photographs for fundraising and marketing. Give us a call for some creative ideas!

  Fundraising Ideas

We've a host of great ways for you to raise much needed money for your club. From family photography days to designing your own Christmas Cards, contact us for more details.



We've great solutions for helping you market your group or club. From great photos for your website, to Mobile apps and videos, give us a call to talk through some creative ideas.



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