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Dance and Theatre Schools

We can help to promote your Dance school or theatre school, motivate your members and help them with their ongoing profiles, with great photography throughout the year. Our experience offers a range of exciting opportunities to set yourself above the rest!

We'll photograph your production during the dress rehearsals, capturing the lead actors, the supporting cast, the set pieces, the stage lighting and sets all in a controlled environment and without getting in the way of the paying audience. We'll also take great quality portraits of each actor in full costume and make-up in our portable studio setup - even including the unsung backstage heroes, each getting recognition for his/her contribution.

Your photos are then ready to sell to parents and performers, or use for your PR and marketing. With results that are perfect for fundraising, or promotion, take a look below at some of the great ways we can help...

Cast and Crew Portraits and Group Photos

  • Fab photos of your cast, in costume, both in groups and individually
  • Headshot sessions for Spotlight and other talent directories
  • Try our modern twist on dance portraits that are strikingly different
  • Display solutions for the clubhouse walls
  • Parents can buy prints to help with your fundraising

Performance Photography

  • A great alternative to audiences using their phones throughout a performance
  • Photos taken during dress rehearsals of the action and portraits too
  • Perfect for PR, display or to sell to performers and parents

Display Photography

  • Display solutions for your Clubhouse
  • Annual updates at low cost
  • A perfect record of your Dance school's history and achievements


  • Speak to us about various options to raise money for your school
  • Yearbook solutions, student photos and performance photographs
  • Bespoke Hoodies, branded with your school, and student names

Marketing and PR

  • We can capture your key performances
  • A host of quality images to use for marketing and PR releases
  • Fast turnaround to meet your press release and social media publishing schedule

We also have many great options for Fundraising - ask us for more details!